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3D modeling

Because our world isn't flat.




Since 1995 we draw practically all our projects in 3D modeling.

Considering that the 3d modeling technique is not an end, but rather an instrument and an efficient way to improve the existing qualitative aspects, the data processing in the architectural field must be used in an efficient and intelligent manner like a tool of conception and not merely like an advanced drawing table.




The 3D modeling is an excellent way of communication with our customer, but is also a considerable time saving in terms of drawing. In one hand, this gain of time allows us to invest in the conception and the research of viable solutions and, in other hand, encourage the prospecting of new ways and methods for a more inventive architecture.







In other words, this allow us (and you also) to visualize, judge and to compare different shapes, textures and colors for a building and explore all its facets, in order to make discriminating choices. And more, you have the possibility to virtually displace yourself through the interior spaces and to discern their ambiances, a manner to know the places even before they really exist. This new approach creates a new relation and a positive interaction for the success of the project,
because, henceforth, you become an efficient actor in the conception of your building.



The studies of day and night lighting become possible with our software, permitting the assessment of the different effects and the multiple possibilities.




Here is an example of the different phases from which a project can pass :






The building is already drawn in 2D/3D since
the sketches phase, giving the possibility 
to visualize and judge some first solutions adopted.


Once all parameters are defined and established, the project approaches of its final phase and the visualization is more precise and close to the customer's expectations.





A more detailed research about colors and textures make the picture more realistic and give the possibility to choose between several options.




Finally, the final rendering with the textures and colors applied, the outside amenities and light gives a perception almost realistic of the project.




Besides, it is possible to do a night environment simulation, useful to study of exterior lightings.




From this 2D/3D mode, all construction documents, sections, elevations, plans, perspectives are extracted.




Specifications as well as evaluations will come out to complete the documents.




Finally we get a complete document to multiple uses and to a multilevel communication, useful to the dialogue, interactions, different decisions, execution on the site and eventually to the marketing.



Thus, the choice to use the computer on its best potential appears in the mind of respect and collaboration with our customers. Even if requires an investment in computers and software more and more powerful and costly, we make it our pride and our honour. Be in the vanguard to better serve you is and will remain our slogan.

All our 3D models are made on SPIRIT and our animations on O2C player.




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