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Our philosophy



Our philosophy sums up in 3 words: Tradition, innovation, communication.





By nature and by necessity, the architecture is tradition, from the past to the present and from the present to the future!

It is process evolutionary succeeded from past and present developments, consequence of the means and methods of the times and places where it enrolls.

Indeed, every age possesses its own means and instruments.

Heiress of traditions, acquirements and sustained solutions, the architecture takes different times in charge, reinterpret them, pursues them, even transcend them, otherwise it loses a part of its potential and its legitimacy.

An immobile present, that only trace itself or repeat mechanically the past , loses its creativeness, its vitality, its global intelligence.

However, if it rejects it or forget it, there is an unbalance, impoverished in its shapes and its mind!

It is why our approach considers the past or the sustained acquirement as part important of the foundations of the present.

in the other hand, some projects will take all the possible interest technically under modern shapes: Airports, universities, museums, eco energetic buildings, etc.

Being a matter of the public domain, they are among the first signs of a society that advances.

The individual habitat, except some exceptions, will break these habits slowly.





The ecological architecture:

What does the innovation mean if it doesn't add quality to our life?

It is in this vision that since 1980 we are interested to the lasting development. We prefer the ecological adjective since it has a more holistic range, less chilly to say the true things of the true way and for a long time! For us the ecology... and since the beginning... is not a fashion, but a way of thought, even though it is relatively very rare to have the opportunity to draw a really ecological project.

The global conception of the building as eco energetic system, with synergy in himself and with the environment, not adding to the pollution, even adding to the life, is the ideal of the ecological architecture!

Ventilation, natural air-conditioning, solar walls or reflecting according to the season, integrated greenhouse, green roof, buildings sometimes partially buried, or groups of buildings that specifically disposed concentrate winds to extract the wind energy, healthy materials, recycled and purified waters, there is many approaches for better habitats and a planet respected.

The 3D modeling by computer:

Since its apparition in architecture in the beginning of the 80's, one of the most interesting possibilities of the CAD applied in architecture, we saw it being the 3D modeling, either the creation of the virtual building, rather than the simple drawing in 2D!
And in fact, the most suitable architectural software packages today are leaded to this fact!

Improved communication between architect and customer, better technical documents, more complete coordination, calculation and take offs facilitated, formal or aesthetic harmonization, visual help to marketing purposes, and a lot more possibilities with the help of a computer in architecture.

Since 1995, we draw practically all of our projects in 3D modeling processing.




Every project is the fruit of a shared passion:

The customer and the architect become a team, a momentary marriage, where the straightforward, clear and exhaustive dialogue would be the rule. All this within a respectful business relation. We listen, we orient. You listen, you orient on your turn. So weaves itself as much as the personal and business relation the project.

Some steps, meetings, revisions and production, plans, estimates and other documents finally accomplished... And then the building takes shape and lives!


  • Preliminary program

  • Exploratory sketches

  • Preliminary estimate

  • Explorations of variants in 2D and 3D

  • Definitive sketches

  • Reviewed estimate

  • Choice and coordination of the engineers

  • Plans, 2D and 3D models for construction, marketing, etc.

  • Explanatory texts

  • Specifications

  • Choosing or help choosing the contractor


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