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Seniors housing



If there is a sector nowadays in development, it is the one of the senior housing.

This kind of construction proves to be particular, in the sense of  taking charge elderly peoples, with well established habits, and with a big life experience, touched by a fragility and a certain vulnerability.

In fact, beyond the big quality of the services that must be dispensed, the architecture and the quality of the spaces must be different.



Condos du Manoir Fortin



Thus, while proposing convivial amenities, that encourage the exchange, the communication, the sociability and especially the transmission of the human heat which our eldest need, we guarantee a more elevated life quality leading toward the path of the blossoming.

An important factor of blossoming for the elderly people is the relation with the nature. It is why, it is interesting to introduce landscape spaces inside these buildings, while arranging big perspectives on the outside, extenuating the feeling of confinement and isolation.

These residences are suitable for several peoples (completely autonomous or in loss of autonomy, or even for those that require constant care), because they propose several types of properties; from the rental room to the condominium.

We are interested therefore in this field since several years and we have as experience several projects of varied size and complexity.

Here is a small list of it:

- Les Condos du Manoir Fortin. St-Jovite / Mont-Tremblant.

- Manoir Fortin. St-Jovite / Mont-Tremblant.


- Pavillon Renaissance. Longueuil.


- Les Jardins de Magog. Magog.


- Résidence Maison St-Amour/Le château l’Or du Temps. Acton-Vale.



- Pavillon Boucherville. Bouchervillle.


- Résidence "Au 4 Saisons". Montréal.

- Oasis Terrebonne. Terrebonne.

- Résidence Joie de Vivre. Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville.

- Résidence Roy. Ste-Mélanie.

- Château St-Joseph. Montréal.

- L’Oasis du fleuve. Lavaltrie.

- Résidence Au Cœur Tendre. Joliette.

- Résidence de La Châtelaine. Mascouche.

- Résidence Le Château-des-Aînés. Morin-Heights.

- Résidence Desjardins. Blainville.

- Résidence Vaucluses. St-Gérard-de-Magella.

- Résidence Marie-Rose. L’Épiphanie.

- Manoir Michael Ange. Laval.

- Manoir Marie-Louise. Montréal.


***To see a complete description about the projects above, please click here


In this very particular field, we can apply either the conventional construction, or the prefabricated modular construction. The modular construction is especially appropriated to the buildings including a repetition of similar units, like seniors housing including the rooms as well as units of condominium. Until now, our most important pre frabricated modular realization is the project "Condos du Manor Fortin". When finished, this project will include about 100 units of lodging in condominium and 100 rental rooms.
Another important realization, thought to be built with pre fabricated modules, was the addition project of " Le Saint-Amour seniors housing", project of an important size including rooms and units of lodgings. Until now, the majority of our seniors housing projects contains two parts: An existing part and an addition part.
It gives us an experience as much as to the new building as to the renovated  building with addition.


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