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DenoSol house


DenoSol house!



Strange name it is, isn't?!

But here is the history behind it:

"Deno" was the name the name of the customers for whom this house was constructed and drawn.
"Sol" for sun, the well known star!

So it has formed the word: DenoSol!


A marriage between the order, the sun and ourselves, because this house has some ambitions of passive solar and eco energetic architecture, and that is what distinguishes it:



First this shape with rounded and moult facets and eaves sunshade.
Then what is invisible: This thermal mass made of moraine stone.


Then this intimacy with soil, the place, these windows that have the look on all angles of the landscape and this column of light that bathes the perforated staircase!



This house was conceived in a particular perspective:
Integrate it in the global energizing system while guaranteeing him a certain autonomy,
First by the thermal mass that allows to modulate the demand and the heating out of the hours of strong load for the public network.


The thermal mass even serves as a vast moderate temperature radiator , since it covers the whole ground floor under the feet; About 150 tons of supplied round and clean stones heated by a network of air ducts, from the center towards the periphery of the building. From there air comes back to the heart while touching and heating the stones for after be warmed by the central furnace. All connected ideally on the sources of balance, solar in one hand, wood in other hand. In short, in case of electric breakdown of the public network, this house maybe completely autonomous for heating. And the thermal mass gives a reserve of some days.



But also the same mass, once cooled, can serve as air-conditioning during the summer, naturally!


For the main source of energy for the heating, notably the thermal mass, in theory, all source is possible: Electricity of the public network, a local thermo pump, electricity produced by wind, the sun, oil, wood, etc… But ideally a source little or not polluting!



That's it. We just summarized the main idea about this house.



For the rest, please take a look at the pictures! And an article from the newspaper "La Presse"!

(In french only)




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