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At all times, the architecture is in itself one of the most elevated demonstration of the human creation.

In this sense, it challenges each of us through its various aspects and its multiple meanings.

A fully-fledged Art for some, a Science for others, the architecture is the subtle balance between the subjective expression that is the art and the implacable rationality that are the science and the technique. Therefore, we qualify it as the art reasoned par excellence. Actually, our site is organized in 5 sections in a way you can explore maximally this multi-faceted profession.

Michel Tellier architect is the architecture office and is announced more specifically under the sections:

1 - Welcome!
2 - Our services
3 - Thematic architecture
4 - News and advice

Michel Tellier Architecte is a particular division of the office and takes more specifically in charge the section:

5 - Computer aided drawing and 3D modeling.

In the first section, entitled Welcome!, is where you can meet us and even know us personally! Know our history , philosophy, staff... You can take a look on our wide service range and also

enjoy some inventive buildings!


In the second section, you will discover all our services, our fields of competence,
our know-how, as well as all of our experience in the architectural domain, and also, the whole devotion that enlivens us to practice our profession and to best collaborate with you.

The third section puts in evidence the thematic architecture where our expertise is more affirmed, as ecological architecture, bioclimatic architecture, seniors housing architecture, pre-manufactured modular construction and the interior design.

Regarding the fourth section, it's reserved to news and advice. This space cover a particular aspect, because it is a place of expression and debates where, articles, from current to general culture regarding architecture, are published every month. You can even submit your reflections that will be published et so to participate in this wonderful intellectual adventure. Otherwise, some advice will be lavished for those who search for some answers to some problems from technical order or something else.

Finally, the fifth section shows the computer dimension of the architectural domain, both the 3D modeling and the formation on different software packages.

We hope, so, that your visit will sharp your curiosity and activate your mind facing the topics and that it will make you come back often, because without critical looks, without constructive confrontations and positive exchanges no one can reach the real progress.



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