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Pavillon Renaissance



Southeast view


Pavillon Renaissance

Longueuil, (Québec)


This medium size project consists of an existing sector completely rearranged and one addition, the whole in a perspective of according it to the norms and a also a growth of functionality and profitability.

The customers served are both public and private.


Participants :

Developer : Le Pavillon Renaissance.

Project manager : Mr. Denis Besselle & Ms. Ginette Nogue.                                 

Contractor : Construction Eiffel.

Architect : Michel Tellier architect

Project outlook :    

Almost 30 bedrooms destined to autonomous or in loss of autonomy customers.


Our participation :

Feasibility study regarding the urbanism and National Building Code regulations.
Negotiation and obtaining derogations by the "Régie du Bâtiment".

Plans specifications, 3D modeling, renderings.
Site co-ordination.
Major involvement to all phases of the project.

Details :

This project, very confined by the site, was a challenge in terms of planning and bringing the building up to standards of the "Régie du Bâtiment". At the beginning an apartment building, transformed progressively in seniors housing and finally extended to the present measurements while keeping it perfectly integrated to the original and general architecture of the street where it is.

A project as a any other for seniors:
In one hand to think the existing building to make it more functional and more pleasant to live and to make it compliant or as near as possible to be in conformity with the National Building Code.


The solarium

In the other hand to extend, to add some bedrooms to help towards the profitability of the establishment, but with very little space, an inflexible confinement between no construction margins and property lines very close!

A frontal view


Simple in appearance, but in fact a challenge, steps by the township, discussions with the "Régie du Bâtiment" about derogations and equivalent or compensatory measures, because it is necessary to make best with ten constraints...

Solarium interior view


Here is a typical case made of compromises and successes!
Unavoidable compromises, successes for one life more pleasant for the residents and easier work  for the staff!

A view from the elevator exterior door



Confinement on the side, but access to the security exit, door for the ambulance men and the 7 feet elevator (platform lift) opening, on the one hand, on the outside and, in the other hand, on the inside.
So, not other ramp need for the accessibility without obstacle for people in wheel chair!


Click here to see the renderings gallery about this project


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