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Oasis Terrebonne


Oasis Terrebonne

Terrebonne, (Québec)


This medium size project consists of an existing sector completely rearranged and one addition, the whole in a perspective of according it to the norms and a also a growth of functionality and profitability.

The customers served are private.

For autonomous persons.


Participants :

Developer : Oasis Terrebonne.

Project manager : Mr. Sylvain Marion.                                 

Contractor : Construction Eiffel.

Architect : Michel Tellier architect


Project outlook :   

About forty bedrooms


Our participation :

Feasibility study regarding the urbanism and National Building Code regulations.
Plans and specifications.
Coordination between team architect and engineers

Helping choosing the contractor

Site co-ordination.

Details :

This project, addition of an existing sector as well as a new planning for it, were submitted to the very current constraint of the site confinement. However the number of new bedrooms wanted by the landholder was added. The new bedrooms are spacious and each possesses a toilet room. The smaller existing bedrooms and bigger new bedrooms, allows to meet the budgets of various pension. The dining room was extended, the kitchen modified, a new television lounge offers to the customers a place happier to live in a more functional establishment and offering also more services.

Again, a small visit with the architect and the owner and, why not, the contractor.
As for a lot of establishments of the kind, this type of project doesn't allows to make the great architectural building with unusual shapes that surprise our eyes!
And such is not the goal!
The goal is merely to make a project architecturally correct, respectful of the codes, normally functional, planned internally well and the whole in a price range that respects the possibilities of financing, either the budget accepted by the banking institution.
This building meets in all points these requirements and preferences.
The architecture follows the existing lines and, for the essential, the existing planning, on a narrow site, where all the available space is used to the near inch.
In one hand the interior program is respected, in the other hand the outside program, the parking places, a minimum of parkland, etc.
The interior comfort is increased, with the addition of private toilet rooms, spacious common bathrooms also, a mechanical ventilation with thermal recuperation to every floor…
To succeed such a project:
Under its obvious simplicity, it demands nevertheless a lot of attention and of adaptations, with a tightened a collaboration between the main participants, either the developer, the contractor and the architect… particularly the contractor on whom the realization of the building rests once the plans are done.
It is why, if such is our mandate, we are careful to suggest competent and particularly attentive contractors to the proprietary : It results in a work well done, a normal rhythm construction site and a fruitful interaction between all parts, including the contractor even and the subcontractors.
This project, as well as all those to which we participated until now, all have happy history : A honest and communicative developer, a devoted contractor, subcontractors in the same way of mind and an available and anxious architect. There is a recipe to make a good meals…

In short, to the taste of the owner and its customers…


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