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Celebrate architecture!



What we present you here, is a section of our site that we call "Celebrate Architecture!"

We will place here some of our favorite projects. Some perhaps are already constructed, but several aren't…

And, in fact! Because actually they have not been ordered, but are conceived for our own pleasure, from our own desire!


But why?
It is rare, I would say very rare, … and it is true for the majority of the architects…, that we can make a project, an architectural plan as we would like, because we always need to meet external orders, with a lot of restrictions as the budget, imposed style, no construction land margins, municipality regulations, the program without worry of aesthetics…
In short, projects like that don't follow an internal and quite integrated logic…
So what solution to it?

We took the initiative to draw some projects as we like, projects that we would like to construct, projects  from our spontaneity without waiting for the possible order…
We are going to draw some buildings according to our own criteria, according to our own tastes, our imagination, our own interior logic, even according to the interior logic of the building…
So we are going to explore our own ways, develop our own research, to "give birth" to our own buildings...
Projects interesting enough to attract the attention of customers and investors...
Or maybe one day we will become ourselves this happy promoter!
The projects that we will demonstrate here, if it's simple or almost traditional or if it's totally unexpected, unless some exception, they will respect all the regulations and structure rules.
In short they will be feasible, even though some apparently utopian!
The adventure is launched!

These projects will appear one by one, gradually, to the rhythm of our availabilities for our pleasure and yours.

Celebrate architecture!




Click on the image for details





The Cross-shaped House

A cross-shaped plan! Balance, stability, and at the same time, capriciousness and functionality




Click on the image for details





The DenoSol House

An eco-energetic and passive solar

inspiration house




Cliquez sur l'image pour plus de détails





The corner building

With interior open yard



Cliquez sur l'image pour plus de détails






The arts museum

Art on the building itself



Click on the image for details






The tower

Modernity well thought




Click on the image for details






Institutional facility

The beauty of the shapes and volumes




Click on the image for details





The city condos

Like sunbathing



Click on the image for details






The institutional tower

What beautiful office!



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