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Condos du Manoir Fortin



Condos du Manoir Fortin/Le Manoir fortin

Mont-Tremblant (St-Jovite), (Québec)


This project of big dimension is constructed in several phases and consists of several parts, all added to an existing original part. A plan of services manages all the buildings.


Public and private customers.


Participants :

Developer : Les Condos du Manoir Fortin/Le Manoir Fortin.

Project manager : Mr. Marc-André Fortin.

Phone :  1 819 681-0618 

Contractor : Mr. Gilles Fortin.

Seniors housing manager : Ms. Marie-Hélène Fortin.

Web site : www.manoirfortin.com

Architect : Michel Tellier architect

Project outlook :

A 100 condos for autonomous people. (Condos du Manoir Fortin).
A 120 rooms, distributed between autonomous, in loss of autonomy and non autonomous customers.

Our participation :

Feasibility study regarding the urbanism and National Building Code regulations.
Project presentation and defence to the Mont-Tremblant city  committee of urbanism.
Promotional documents, 3D modeling, renderings.
Plans and estimates.
Supervision of the team architect + engineers + urbanist.
Site co-ordination.
Major involvement to all phases of the project.

Details :

This project is a combined construction :
Conventional and pre-fabricated construction.
In construction in several phases.
A phase 1, containing about thirty condos and about twenty rooms, constructed in 2004/2005.
A phase 2, containing about fifteen rooms, the addition and renewal of the dining room, kitchen and the big common room, as well as the addition of storage places, the modification of the electric room and the addition of a lift. Construction in 2006.
A phase 3, containing the outside repairing of the oldest building in order to harmonize color and materials to the new building.
A phase 4, containing the construction of about forty new condos.
A phase 5, containing rooms and specialized services for the future sector for special care and long-term care.
Finally a phase 6, containing about fifteen condos.


Here are phase 1 of the Condos du Manoir Fortin, ready and seen under all angles :


The e storeys central sector :
This is a pre-fabricated modular construction, even though it doesn't appear at first sight…



But behind these shapes, under these different levels roofs, under these slopes and these curves, there are pre-fabricated modules !



Structure and modularity constraints solved and used to give these buildings of rustic appearance to the promoter's taste, for this complex aesthetically similar of those of the village in the foot of the Mont-Tremblant Mountain.



A general implantation made of multiple angles, no by simple fantasy, but to follow the irregularities of the limits of the property.



Repeated elements, but a break of the monotony by several variations of themes.



2 and 3 stories sections:
All to respect the regulations of urbanism about the maximum heights allowed to the building.


Other phases will follow in the same style.



Also an addition already in progress in the oldest building, sector that includes the rental rooms.



The oldest building will also be renovated to take an outside appearance similar to the condos!



Finally, when complete, a complex that will totalize about 100 condos and 100 rooms in a sector destined to people requiring special and long-term care.



Here are the Condos du Manoir Fortin/Manoir Fortin, a great project!

Click here to see a video presentation about the project

Click here to see a video presentation about prefabricated modular construction  

Click here to see the renderings gallery about this project








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